For Physicians

Optimal digital care for your patients

According to meta-analyses, the therapist-guided digital therapies are more effective than digital self-therapies and are less likely to be discontinued. This difference becomes highly significant with increasing severity of the disease. Accordingly, our digital therapeutics are designed to be used by physicians in the existing healthcare system to accompany their own patients in digital therapy and to bill for this accompaniment.

Optimal support of
your carE.


Digital diagnostics

This supports a comprehensive examination of your problem, assists the physician in treatment planning, and provides an evidence-based treatment plan.


Support of access to care

Support access to care by providers search in your living area easily and quickly.


Support of physician consultation

Support of physician consultation with evidence based tips and checklists.


Data transfer

If you want to share digital data with your physician, it’s easy, fast and data secure. This gives you full control.


Join therapy planning

A review of the results of the digital diagnostics is carried out together with the physician This is followed by a joined therapy planning. The physician and patient can decide whether digital self-therapy or guided therapy is to be carried out.


Personalized modular digital therapy

Digital therapy includes modular personalized psychotherapy based on the results of digital diagnostics. The patient has access to a wide range of functions to support successful therapy, including a medication tool, diary, message function, reminders calendar, video chat.


Outcome monitoring

Within the diary function, regular monitoring or the treatment success takes place on the basis of the disease-specific treatment guideline.


Joined success control

Patient and doctor can regularly review the treatment success via video chat or messages and adjust the therapy if necessary. For this purpose, shared decision technology enables a joint view of the diary.


Therapy completion

At the end of the digital therapy, a final success check is carried out and, if necessary, a further prescription of the digital therapeutic agent is made.